Laszlo Szigeti was born in 1974 in Budapest Hungary and at the age of 13 he recieved his first camera,starting then what would become a lifelong passion.

Inspired by the likes of fellow photographers Daido Moriyama and Seb Salgado, Nobuyoshi Araki, Josef Koudelka he has also taken inspiration from poets and musicians such as Leonard Cohen and Australian writer and wordsmith Nick Cave, also Laurie Anderson. Drawn to  alternative and underground subculture, Szigetis eclectic style captures the poetic often in the seemingly mundane.

Another passion and great source of inspiration is his love of travel. This love of culture has taken him to many far flung places in search of the bustle of street life and the perfect shoot. China, Thailand, South Korea,and ex British colony Hong Kong have all at some stage become home to him and his constant search to forget the material in life, and to capture on film, portraits of people and their lives, loves, dramas and desires, karma in action every waking minute, every day.

Todays also looking for the way to the fine art photography, spending times in studio or in theatre focusing for the dance, modern ballet stage production.      


  • Fine Art
  • Dance / Stage production
  • Social
  • Documentarism
  • Portraits
  • Street 


Several solo or joint exhibitions in Budapest, Vancouver, Vienna, Delhi, Bangalore, Hong Kong



Portrait of Thar (2014 Thar Desert, India) 

Portrait of Thar
(2014 Thar Desert, India)